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How To Get More Horsepower Out of Your JK

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The Bully Dog® team was onsite at the 2016 Jeep Beach event in Daytona Beach, FL to spend time with Jeep enthusiasts and to capture the fun & passion of the Jeep lifestyle. Watch as we discuss with several owners their love for this unique vehicle–and how they get the most out of them with the Bully Dog GT Platinum Tuner.

Conquer the elements in your Jeep with the Bully Dog GT Platinum Gas Tuner. This all-in-one unit includes five customizable gauges which allow you to monitor RPM, engine temps, transmission temps, battery voltage, engine load and more.

With these tools, you can correct your OEM speedo for aftermarket tires, wheels and axle ratios. These trail tools also allow for easy control of the sway bar disconnect, axle lockers and traction control. If that’s not enough, you can now also control vehicle idle speed and engine fan for water crossings.

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