DiabloSport InTune I2 Multiple Vehicle Licenses

DiabloSport at 8LUG Truck Gear

Add Any Make or Model

Even though the inTune i2 has specific part numbers for Chrysler, Ford, and GM vehicles, you can purchase a license for ANY supported DiabloSport vehicle. For example, if you’ve purchased the i2 for Chrysler and used it on your 2014 Dodge Challenger, you can still purchase a tuning license for your 2012 Ford F150 and download all of its preloaded tunes to your Chrysler unit.

Manage Your Garage

The inTune i2 automatically saves your vehicle’s data into new folders in its memory. It keeps each vehicle’s saved stock backup file, data logs, and custom tunes segregated making it simple to manage them. Plug your i2 into your PC or Mac computer and you can see each of your vehicles listed by VIN in separate folders right on the device. By logging into your account on DiabloSport.com you can get a list of all the licenses you’ve purchased and manage them online.

DiabloSport at 8LUG Truck Gear Multiple Licenses

License Downloads

Use the inTune i2 Updater utility to download any vehicle licenses you have purchased for your i2. You can access the i2 updater by plugging your i2 into USB and going to the “Updater” folder, then clicking Windows, Mac, or Linux depending on which type of computer you are on. The updater will automatically download any available vehicle tuning licenses to your i2.

DiabloSport Multiple Licenses

How Do I get an additional tuning license?

Contact DiabloSport directly by phone at: 561-908-0040 and select option 2.

Refund/Exchange Policy DiabloSport Vehicle Tuning Licenses

You are purchasing an additional tuning software license for your DiabloSport inTune i2. This license is non-transferable. DiabloSport shall not issue refunds, credits, or exchanges for any software licenses that are added to your i2. All sales are final. DiabloSport will deliver your license files through several methods including website downloads, or updates via the i2.

NOTE: Multi-License options are NOT available on the DiabloSport Trinity, inTune I-1000, I-1000DCX, or Predator. They are only available for the inTune i2 programmers.