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Why Every Jeep Needs a Tuner

Your Jeep® arrived loaded with cool features that you were excited to test out on the trail. Still, it probably wasn’t long before the unique demands you put on your vehicle brought some shortcomings to light. Whether your Jeep® needs more power in certain circumstances, if modifications have thrown its gauges out of whack, or you’d like more flexibility to engage off-roading features at a moment’s notice, there’s a lot a Bully Dog® tuner can do to help your Jeep® fully deliver on your specific needs.

Here are five ways a Bully Dog GT can take your Jeep’s performance to the next level.

1. Reach deep for more horsepower and torque.

The GT Platinum allows you to adjust key parameters like transmission shift points and throttle response to inspire peak performance tailored for the way you drive.

2. Make sure your gauges read right.

Changes to gear ratio and tire size affect speedometer, tachometer and odometer accuracy. Your tuner provides gauge readings that are adjusted for modifications you’ve made to your Jeep®.

3. Put an end to constant dash alerts and chiming.

Sometimes the demands of the trail mean you need to air down your tires to get proper traction on uneven terrain. With the GT programmer, deactivate the TPMS when you’re aired down, and reactivate it when it’s needed, in more normal driving conditions.

4. Get more power in idle.

Jeep® sets your idle RPM at a level that combines battery charging power with fuel efficiency. The Bully Dog Gas Tuner allows you to increase idle RPM to provide power for your winch when it’s needed, so you can tackle difficult terrain without fear, and still keep fuel costs in check.

5. Adjust to difficult trail conditions on the fly.

Make changes on the fly to adjust to trail conditions- turn off your engine fan when fording a river, disconnect sway bars or lock axles for safety, traction and stability on uneven terrain. The GT also offers a simple way to completely disable traction control in snowy, icy, sandy or muddy conditions.

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BullyDog GT Tuner for Jeep

The GT Platinum Gas Tuner wins high marks from Jeep® owners looking to take on rough terrain. With more control over axle lockers, traction, sway bars and axle-gear ratios, he’ll be able to navigate even the most demanding trail.